Pour cette version revisité du single Dig en version remix old school dancehall reggae, Mr Ransom qui a réalisé la version remix et le clip à contacté Nova pour y poser ses voix, elle en a aussi écrit les paroles en Jamaïcain. Blood Diamond revisite l’un des morceaux phares de l’album “Où Est Hugo Ils revisitent l’un des morceaux phares de l’album “Où Est Hugo Berrouet ?” Le message de Dig est toujours le même : dénoncer les conditions exploitations des enfants dans les pays en voie de développement.

Mr Ransom made it all happen… He is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and videographer from Bristol who has lived in Bordeaux (France) since 2012. He started his musical career in 2001 as the trumpeter for The Zen Hussies & Dakhla, he has also appeared on tracks for Dr Meaker and The Unforscene. He helped and advised Milos with his latest Reggae album “Where is Hugo Berrouet?” released in early 2020. DIG feat Nova (Blood Diamond Remix) was a result of the first COVID lockdown, having access to the stems from Milos’ album, Mr Ransom got to work creating something new. He sent his rough idea to NOVA (Velours, Nova et les Galactiks, Mangue-Louve, Boom Data ou le Grand Bal), a renowned singer and friend in Bordeaux. Nova came up with her own spin on the original, laid down her vocal parts and sent them to Mr Ransom.

As soon as the first lockdown was over, Mr Ransom headed over to Kitchen Recording Studio and polished the tune off with Milos.

It was then mastered by Peter Deimel (The Kills, Nina Nastasia, Anna Calvi…).

The music video was filmed and edited by Mr Ransom entirely on a smartphone with storyboard by Nova.

We hope you’ll enjoy!

Milos, Nova and Mr Ransom.